Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long-Term Bisphosphonates May Be OK for Select Patients

Testosterone Treatment Helps Obese Older Males Lose Weight, Other Health Gains Too

Early Menopause May Predict Osteoporosis, Fractures, Death

Calcium Supplements Linked to Heart Attack Risk

Bisphosphonates May Increase Risk for Uveitis and Scleritis

Testosterone May Help Heart Failure Patients, Studies

Burgeoning Cost of Alzheimer's Disease Unsustainable

Anti-Obesity Drug Now In Clinical Trials May Cause Rapid Bone Loss

Bisphosphonates Increase Contralateral Atypical Fracture Risk

Men at Higher Risk for Mild Cognitive Impairment

Depression drugs ‘causing falls’

Factors That Predict Walking Difficulty In Elderly

Most Medicare Demo Projects Fail to Raise Quality, Cut Costs

2 Inch Loss In Height Could Signal Fracture Risk And Death In Older Women

Brain power can decline from age 45: study

Women on Bisphosphonate Therapy May Need Screening Radiography

Growth Hormone Increases Bone Formation In Obese Women

UK elderly's human rights 'being breached': study

Panel’s Advice on Prostate Test Sets Up Battle

U.S. Panel Says No to Prostate Screening for Healthy Men

Hip Fracture Increases 1-Year Mortality Rate in Elderly Women

Standard of Living, Income Drops With COPD

Highest Testosterone Levels Equal Lowest Risk for CV Events

Oral Steroids Linked To Severe Vitamin D Deficiency In Nationwide Study

For older women, year following hip fracture can be especially deadly

FDA Committee to Review Osteoporosis Drug Safety

Increased Muscle Mass Associated With Reduced Risk for Insulin Resistance

Soy No Help for Bone Loss, Hot Flashes

Raise Your Muscle Mass And Reduce Your Type 2 Diabetes Risk

FDA Studying Link Between Bisphosphonates, Esophageal Cancer

Aging boomers strain cities built for the young

Study Of Strength Training For Seniors Finds Increased Muscle Strength, Reduced Muscular Atrophy

Diet Appears to Modulate Alzheimer's Biomarker

Monday, May 28, 2012

High Calcium Intake No Better for Bone Health

Elderly care costs could treble says OECD

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Calcium Supplements Appear To Raise Heart Attack And Cardiovascular Event Risk

Prevalence of Frailty Increases Throughout Adulthood

Older Workers Take Longer to Recover from Injuries

In Hypertension, Strong Men Live Longer

Frailty: Not Just in the Aged Any More

Calcium Supplements and CV Events: New Data, More Debate

Winning Linked To Higher Testosterone Levels

Hormonal And Molecular Responses To Exercise Differ By Age

Routine Osteoporosis Screening Recommended For All Women Over Age 65

Coffee May Help Protect Against Diabetes

Falls as Serious for Elderly as Stroke, Heart Attack: Experts

Walking Speed and Survival Connected

With Alzheimer’s Patients Growing in Number, Congress Endorses a National Plan

Study Finds Strength Training For Seniors Provides Cognitive Function, Economic Benefits

Anabolic steroids after total knee arthroplasty. A double blinded prospective pilot study

Following the Money, Doctors Ration Care

Excess Premenopausal Visceral Fat a Risk Factor for Osteoporosis

Drug Suits Raise Questions for Doctors, and Juries

Omega-3 pills fail to work in Alzheimer's patients

Low testosterone a problem in cancer: study

Low Testosterone Levels Linked to Alzheimer's Disease in Older Men

Flexing Their Muscles Helps Kidney Disease Patients Live Longer, Study Finds

US FDA warns of thigh fractures with bone drugs

World's pensioners headed for global care crunch

Testosterone and Metabolic Syndrome: A Meta-Analysis Study

New Report Finds Stronger Link Between Osteoporosis Drugs and Thigh Fractures

Dementia cost 'to top 1% of GDP'

Link between bone drugs and oesophageal cancer

With Muscle-Building Treatment, Mice Live Longer Even As Tumors Grow

Beta-Amyloid Further Implicated in Mental Decline

What prevents falls after strokes? Study: Not much

Calcium supplements may raise risk of heart attack

Calcium pills 'increase' risk of heart attack

Fall-Prevention Program Fails

Osteoporosis Screenings Done too Frequently in U.S.?

Low Testosterone May Signal Frailty in Elderly Men

Preliminary Draft Guidance Recommends New Osteoporosis Treatment For Women At Increased Risk Of Fractures

CODHy: Testosterone Improves Metabolic Syndrome

"Doc Fix" Delaying Medicare Pay Cuts Is Law Until November 30

As You Age, Better Health Means Better Sex

Is ageing a disease?

Alzheimer's costs to soar without effective drugs

Testosterone boosts skepticism

Shortage of Nurses Means Death After Hip Fracture

New Guidance on Hormone Therapy Issued

Height Loss in Older Women May Signal Vertebral Fracture

Height Loss in Older Women May Signal Vertebral Fracture

Erectile Dysfunction and Increased Dangers of Cardiovascular Disease

Low testosterone tied to frailty in older men

Mortality Rate in Older Adults Persistently Increased 5- to 8-Fold After Hip Fracture

Mortality Rate in Older Adults Persistently Increased 5- to 8-Fold After Hip Fracture

Fosamax: Is Long Term Use of Bone Strengthening Drug Linked to Fractures?

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